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A Weak Sauce Testimony

July 10, 2014

A Weak Sauce Testimony
(San Pedro Sula, Honduras circa 2007)

I love to preach on Acts! The Second Chapter of Acts church absolutely captures my imagination and my spirit soars every time I encounter the passage. I love it so much that I have preached on Pentecost every two or three years for my entire ministry. In response to my messages I am sometimes asked, “Does the Holy Spirit still give the gift of preaching in languages we have not learned?” What a great question. Some years ago I had the opportunity to speak at one of the largest churches in the Western Hemisphere; “La Cosecha Church” in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The church was started by my dad’s friend Miseal and had grown to over 25,000 per weekend. I can’t say I was nervous to preach there but I was clearly excited! I remember looking out over an open air sanctuary that would seat thousands and thinking, “Dear God, if ever the gift of tongues (the Acts 2 variety) would come in handy, it would be right now. I would not need this interpreter and I could be sure that I would speak your words and not my own.” I opened my mouth hoping beautiful Spanish would pour out offering a clear and powerful presentation of the Gospel. I said…. “Good evening, I am Shane Bishop from Christ Church in Illinois and I am so glad for the opportunity to share with you.” Rats! What an utter disappointment! It came out in English! We had to do the sermon the old fashioned way. I spoke a line in English and the interpreter spoke the line to the people in Spanish. How is that for a weak sauce testimony?

-Rev. Shane L. Bishop is the Sr. Pastor of Christ Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois

Shane Preaching

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