Why I Refuse to be Defined by Social Issues (Or Politics)

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

A few months back I received a letter informing me that the writer wishes our church and its Senior Pastor took more stands on social issues and political positions. I get that, I really do. As I was considering the content of the letter, something struck me. In a day and time when churches and denominations all across USAmerica are defining themselves by their stands on social issues, particularly issues around human sexuality, Jesus didn’t do that at all…ever. In fact, one of the great disappointments concerning Jesus in his own time was that in an Israel obsessed with the current reality of Roman occupation, Jesus didn’t have a thing to say about the greatest political issue of his day. When they tried to force him to offer political commentary publicly, to speak to the issues of the day, he asked whose face was pressed upon on a silver coin…

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Published by Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL since 1997. I am an orthodox Christian but I am not in a bad mood about it. A Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church.

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