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Does the Church Have a Future?

June 5, 2015

Rev. Shane L. Bishop


Ten years ago everyone was using the word “post-modern.”  Its definition centered upon the premise that the modern world was slowly crumbling (due to the advent of the personal computer) and a jagged new world was slowly emerging from the ashes (riding the momentum of the internet).  The time it would take to get from “there to here” was loosely labeled “post-modern.”  I truly thought my ministry years would be conducted with one foot in the old world and the other slowly venturing into the new.  I was wrong.  The shift I thought would take decades, happened in about a minute and a half and the world I live in today has little in common with the world in which I was reared.  The fact that I liked the old world substantially better than I like this new one is completely irrelevant.  I am called by God to minister to…

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