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My Social Media Pledge for 2017

January 21, 2017

Reaffirmation of a pledge…

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

My Social Media Pledge for 2017

1) I will always keep things upbeat and positive
2) I will not squirt “weak sauce” in the eye of humanity with my whining
3) I will temper my innate sarcasm (except when I deem it too hilarious not to share)
4) I will not pass along “chain letter” kind of stuff nor will I respond to it
5) I will celebrate the gift of life in any way at all times
6) I will celebrate the beauty of God’s creation
7) I will try to have some thoughtful things to say (tbd)
8) I will celebrate the faith that fuels and empowers me
9) I will celebrate my family and joyfully share in your family celebrations as well
10) I will be sensitive and prayerful before I post anything
11) I will not get political (others seem to have that well covered)

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