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A Baker’s Dozen (Quick Hitter) Leadership Lessons

March 28, 2017


I was appointed to a congregation of just over 200 in 1997.  We averaged almost 2,400 in 2017.  Here is what I have learned about leadership in these twenty-one years in one place:

Thirteen (Quick Hitter) Lessons in Leadership

  1. State Your Mission: We exist to connect people to Jesus Christ.  It is our language for everything.
  2. Clarify Your Strategy: Our strategy is to reach out, welcome and disciple through worship and service.
  3. Have Principled Metrics: Determine what is important and determine how is that measured. Then lead people into them.
  4. Critics are not Your Enemies I have learned much from my detractors.  They are often blessings in disguise.  (Some feature VERY good disguises however…)
  5. Set Strategic Goals: Stated goals keep you doing the right stuff, keep everyone on the same page and define what a win looks like in your organization.
  6. Focus Energy Around Processes (not outcomes): Move the needle every day.  Do the right things the right way and you will get the right results in the right time.
  7. Tenure Matters: Everything is about trust over time and everything is about relationships over time.
  8. Strive for Excellence: Show excellence and consistency every single day!
  9. You Can’t Cheat Time: Don’t put in a fraction of the time, effort, preparation and energy it takes to be successful and wonder why God let you down!
  10. Have Some Fun: If you don’t enjoy your life, no one is going to do it for you
  11. Self Manage: Key is humility.  Realize that anything you achieve has been made possible by God and the contributions of others.
  12. Give God Something to Bless: Give your very best and expect God to take things from there!
  13. The Only Things You Can Control are Effort, Attitude and Preparation So own them!



-Rev. Shane L. Bishop has been the Sr. Pastor of Christ Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois since 1997

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