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10 Steps toward Civility (a place we all need to go)

July 1, 2018

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

I don’t think it is a problem that people disagree on things.  In fact, I think that is a good thing.  If everyone in my life agreed with me on everything, I would live unchallenged.  And as good as that initially sounds, it is antithetical to growth as a human being.  I am not always right.  I need people around me who love me enough to tell me so.  The problem is that human beings circa 2017 disagree disagreeably.  Most disagreeably.

The reality is many people don’t know how to have civil discourse concerning the things upon which they disagree.  It is not always their fault.

Lots of folks are simply not equipped to have difficult discussions so they keep silent and rob the conversation of their voice.  These very “nice” and often silent people may well be the majority but we have no metrics to measure them.

Others seem inclined…

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One Comment
  1. Carol Ann McKay permalink

    Rev. Bishop, many thanks for your still-applicable article about conflict. Our country is plagued with people who don’t know how to disagree agreeably, and I fear for us all. Thank you for your voice of reason. I posted your blog entry on Facebook with the hope that it will circulate over and over and improve our very bad and dangerous behavior.

    Carol Ann McKay Amelia Island, FL


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