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Respect (Begins with a Spark of Humanity)

July 18, 2018


Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Respect is defined as, A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”  Respect is a reverence that we hold toward the nature, character or accomplishments of an honored person or institution that has a very positive effect upon us.  There is really no down side to being a respectful person.  It is a virtue as marketable as it is beautiful.  It has been my observation that respectful people are happy people who do well in life and disrespectful people are unhappy people who do not.  So let’s drill down into respect.

1) Respect begins with a respect for God (God as creator)

2) Respect for God creates a respect for self (Created in the image of God)

3) Respect for self extends to others (Brothers and sisters in God’s creation)

We have serious problems, divisions and challenges in…

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