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Late Summer Musings on the Wesleyan Covenant Association

July 29, 2018

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

For years, I stood in the middle ground of the United Methodist Church.  Right-middle to be sure but middle none-the-less.  My plan was to batten down the proverbial hatches, keep Christ Church growing (we have grown for twenty-one consecutive years) and hope the denominational storm would pass.  When asked about my lack of denominational positioning, I would respond, “I am going to hold the middle until there isn’t a middle anymore and then I am jumping right.”  The storm did not pass.  I jumped right.  In the aftermath of the 2016 General Conference, I lost hope there was enough true middle to realistically occupy…and there were too few people holding it.  I mourned for a couple of months and then I accepted an invitation to join the Council of the Wesleyan Covenant Association.

Since joining WCA exactly none of my positions concerning the denomination have changed.  Nothing has changed in…

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