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The Jesus Boat

October 29, 2018

Rev. Shane L. Bishop


When we first receive Christ, we are offered an invitation to ride on the Jesus Boat.  We don’t have to do a thing; just enjoy the summer breezes blowing through our hair, the warm sunshine on our faces and the cool spray of the misty water over our bodies.  Jesus provides the boat, mans the sails, steers, navigates and even provides Diet Cokes and sunscreen…it is fun to ride on the Jesus Boat.  We think we could just ride on the Jesus Boat forever.

Then one day Jesus says, “Why don’t I teach you to sail this boat?”  We don’t much like the sound of that offer because we like riding on the boat (remember the free sunscreen and Diet Cokes?) but he has done so much for us that we accept.  Together we look at charts, listen to weather reports, calculate wind direction and man the sails.  This…

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