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The Heart of a Pastor

August 9, 2019

(Few know the heart of a pastor.  We hide such things well.  This is for pastors everywhere.)


Today I was informed that a beloved family of this church will be leaving us. Not because they are moving but because they have lost a connection here and feel called to another congregation.


I picked up the phone and called because I had some things I wanted to say. I wanted them to know what an honor it has been to speak into their lives over these years and how grateful I am for their service here. I wanted to offer my blessing as they go, let them know they will be missed and let them know they need not hide if they ever run into me at a restaurant. I also offered to call their new pastor to say what an incredible family they are getting if that would ever be of help.


I was thanked for calling and so glad that I did so. When I hung up, I wiped the tears from my eyes, took a short walk to compose myself and went back to work.


That is what I do, I go back to work.


So you think people are just numbers?

They are not to this pastor…

Shane Preaching

-Rev. Shane L. Bishop has been the pastor of Christ Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois since 1997.


  1. Joyce Blankenship permalink

    My first time walking into Christ Church , I felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit ! I listened to your words that morning and I could feel that every word came from your heart ! I could feel and see your emotions in your voice and body language! I knew your desire was to teach and understand the Love of Jesus ! Bam, it was that easy !

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  2. Douglas Dean permalink

    I have made calls like this, too. When a pastor pours himself, or herself, out for those he or she serves, it is an arrangement surrounded by and invested with love. When that relationship changes, it often left me wondering what else I might have done to love and connect that family, what moments I might have missed, what needs I left unfilled. It hurts to see folks leave the fellowship and I always felt responsible. So, my calls to them must have had a sense of apology about them. But my heart was true in wishing them well, in praying for their happiness, in hoping they found a good church home. But the pain was real and it always took me some time to get past the tears. Being a pastor, for me, was always loving the people first. I resonate with your pain, pastor, and I will hold you in my prayers. Praying God’s blessings upon you.

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