Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show

 Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show On our trip to the Smokies this week, I was joking about what I wanted to do when I retired. I told the family I was going to move to the mountains and open “Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival” in one of the defunct dinner theater venues and treatContinue reading “Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show”

Great News for Writers (there is no money in it)

Great News for Writers (there is no money in it) One interesting thing about writing in 2015 is that for the great majority of us, there is no money in it. Music is much the same thing. And photography. And a bunch of other stuff. I think this is really great news. It does not temptContinue reading “Great News for Writers (there is no money in it)”

Crazy About Them (Poop-a-geddon)

A story called “Harold” seemed to define the first several years of my ministry.  This story is taking its place as my favorite.  Less gritty, more grace.  I must be getting older.  This one is in my new book “Re:member.”   Crazy About Them (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013)   Fridays are normally a dayContinue reading “Crazy About Them (Poop-a-geddon)”

The Would Be Game Changer (From Re:member)

A The Would-Be Game Changer (Belleville, Illinois circa 2008)   It was late November 2008.  My son Zec and I were on our way to Olney, Illinois, for the first shotgun weekend of deer season and we were excited.  There was nothing better in those days than some serious guy time with our friends JimContinue reading “The Would Be Game Changer (From Re:member)”

The Gifted One (For Grandparents)

Here is an excerpt from the new book “Re:member.”  And you thought YOUR grandchild was gifted?!? The Gifted One (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013) There are few things I enjoy more than hanging out with my son Zec.  Zec and I have played about 75 softball games together each year for 10 years and IContinue reading “The Gifted One (For Grandparents)”

A Christmas Miracle from “Exactly As I Remember It”

Here is one of my favorite Christmas stories from my first book “Exactly As I Remember It.”  It recounts a Christmas miracle that happened not in Bethlehem, but in the places our feet touch the ground.  Namely Arkansas… A Story about Jesus Turning Water into Teem (Somewhere in Arkansas, circa 1975)  Growing up the childContinue reading “A Christmas Miracle from “Exactly As I Remember It””

A Slice of Life from “Re:member”

One of the features of my books is the “Slice of Life.” It is just a reflection on life that I hope connects others to the joys and humor in their own lives. Here is a slice from my new book “Re:member.” It centers around the fact that what of my hair is not jumpingContinue reading “A Slice of Life from “Re:member””

Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book

Shane L. Bishop’s collection of stories, “Exactly As I Remember It” and the new book “Re:member”, are now both available on line in time for Christmas!  If you live in the St. Louis region, he will be signing both books on Saturday at the Grand Re-Opening of the the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 FrankContinue reading “Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book”