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NCSM Episode 7: Maximizing your Church Online Experience. How do you worship God while looking at a screen? Should you sing out loud or just watch?

We are in a new age of the church where we worship online. A lot of people are embracing it, some are fighting it; regardless it is a new and viable way to worship. Shane and Mike give tips to help you worship online. Listen to the Podcast here

Podcast: Part 2 Shane’s “12 things I see Happy People Do.”

Only 33% of Americans consider themselves to be happy. Shane Bishop’s blog “12 things I see happy People Do” has been read over 4 million times. Mike and Shane discuss why “happiness” is about the choices people make, in part 2 of this series.  Apple Podcast/iTunes Podbean:

Podcast; Navigating Change with Shane and Mike, COVID-19

A world without sports, going to the movies and eating out at restaurants; a government that orders people to stay at home; social distancing vs. social isolation. COVID-19 has changed the world in an instant. Shane and Mike discuss the complications and ways we can find a new normal. Click the link below to listen!Continue reading “Podcast; Navigating Change with Shane and Mike, COVID-19”


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