Following Up Your Big Christmas Week

Social Media is a great tool to keep up with what God is doing in churches far and near.  I love reading each and every glowing report! Many churches had great attendance for Christmas Week and I rejoice with them!  Clearly God was moving. Bam! However, failure to effectively follow up major “victories” (like a recordContinue reading “Following Up Your Big Christmas Week”

A Place to Stand as the Holidays Near

My constant temptation is to simply check out. Cash it in, retire, unplug, disconnect, disappear into the Smoky Mountains with Melissa and a Bible and have no idea who becomes President in the next election. The troubled state of the world, our unsettled country and divisions within my denomination make me sad. Not mad, justContinue reading “A Place to Stand as the Holidays Near”

Seven Christmas Week Hacks (how to stay sane at Christmas)

  Seven Christmas Week Hacks So it is Christmas week!  Here are some practical Christmas Hacks to help you navigate the hustle and bustle of the next five days! Slow it down Don’t fly through things. Think of Christmas like a great steak and not a bad hamburger.  Savor every bite.  Christmas is way tooContinue reading “Seven Christmas Week Hacks (how to stay sane at Christmas)”

Choosing Peace

Choosing Peace That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding their flocks of sheep. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring greatContinue reading “Choosing Peace”

Dealing with People who Disappoint (At Christmas)

Dealing with People who Disappoint  It is 100% certain that you will be dealing with people who have disappointed you during this Christmas season (even if you are spending it alone).  When we are around people who have disappointed us in one way or the other, a myriad of emotions threaten to overwhelm us.  Particularly ifContinue reading “Dealing with People who Disappoint (At Christmas)”

Christmas Musings on Righteousness, Justice and the Kingship of God (From Psalm 97)

Christmas Musings on Righteousness, Justice and the Kingship of God Psalm 97: 1 The Lord is king, let the earth rejoice “The Lord is king” is a quite alien statement to those of us who live in a democracy and often inaccurately apply our democratic sensibilities to the Kingdom of God. We have this humanisticContinue reading “Christmas Musings on Righteousness, Justice and the Kingship of God (From Psalm 97)”

Seven Things EVERY Church Needs EVERY December

Regardless of your context or size, your church is going to need these things in December! 1. Encouragement At Christ Church, Christmas involves about 10 times the time, energy and effort of Easter. There are lots of extra services, staff is pushed hard and everyone is under time pressure. A little encouragement goes a longContinue reading “Seven Things EVERY Church Needs EVERY December”

A Dozen December Hacks (For Pastors, Worship Teams and Church Leaders)

A Dozen December Hacks (For Pastors, Worship Teams and Church Leaders): 1) Thank God that you are going to get to work so hard this month! If God hadn’t blessed you so much, you wouldn’t have anything to do. 2) Get plenty of sleep. It matters. 3) Make extra time for prayer. The busier youContinue reading “A Dozen December Hacks (For Pastors, Worship Teams and Church Leaders)”

O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all)

 O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all) On the first Christmas the Prince of Peace was born in Bethlehem.  It seems like such a natural connect but in reality, peace and Bethlehem haven’t been on speaking terms for centuries.  The city was burned into my memory forever during my visit in 2006. Continue reading “O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all)”

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift) Don’t beat yourself up in this Christmas season if you have not done everything perfectly in your life. None of us are flawless and to expect perfection is somewhere between unrealistic and delusional.  If you know you have not intentionally sought to do others harm, if you haveContinue reading “Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)”