Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)

Can’t sleep tonight.  It happens.  Not very much but it happens. Praying for Christian leaders. My heart is heavy. Leadership circa 2020 is SO difficult. Pandemic. Churches closed. Cultural upheaval. Election cycle. Throw the devil (yes, I believe in such stuff) into the mix and the task can seem overwhelming. I know some great leadersContinue reading “Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)”

You Can’t Avoid Leadership Stress (so manage it)

Some years ago (when I was still “young-ish” and in my early forties) my health was in a rapidly declining state.  Christ Church was moving from 400 in worship each weekend toward 750 and it was literally killing me.  Our staff was a dysfunctional mess, the congregation was kicking and screaming and I was doingContinue reading “You Can’t Avoid Leadership Stress (so manage it)”

I Punched The devil In The Face … by Lydia Blaha

For the person out there today who feels like they just can’t do it anymore–For the person who is under so much pressure and stress, they feel like every second, another part of them is crumbling– For the person who is tired, weak, and sees no light at the end of the tunnel, read on…Continue reading “I Punched The devil In The Face … by Lydia Blaha”