The Work of Mothers (Stuckey’s and the Pocket Knife)

The Work of Mothers (A Stuckey’s in Oklahoma circa 1970) When I was about eight, we were traveling cross country and stopped at a Stuckey’s for some gas. Stuckey’s were wonderful places with food, gas, shot glasses with the names of states on them and such high tech video offerings as “Pong” unfolding in greenContinue reading “The Work of Mothers (Stuckey’s and the Pocket Knife)”

Expect More Out of Members

People do not join a church to see how little they can do, how sparingly they can give or how minimum an impact they can make for Jesus Christ.   They join in hopes of giving their lives away to something greater than themselves.  A great church consists of highly committed people willing to sacrificeContinue reading “Expect More Out of Members”