Christ Church, MLK and Me circa 2019

Christ Church has been holding special services around the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday since the late 90’s. In those days we ran about 300 a week in worship and were anything but racially diverse but we had a dream. In the early years we participated with our friend Rev. Sylvester Weatherall and the goodContinue reading “Christ Church, MLK and Me circa 2019”

A Walk Down Duval Street… (Are WE the new counterculture?)

Melissa and I were recently in Key West. I officiated a wedding for our best friend’s oldest son on the beach at Ft. Zachary Taylor. Well the beach-ish anyway. If you have been to Key West you know what I mean. No one goes to Key West for the beaches. Those who do, only visitContinue reading “A Walk Down Duval Street… (Are WE the new counterculture?)”

The Path of Least Resistance (is the wrong path)

The path of least resistance never leads to success. Never. It leads only to a lesser life. The illusion is that it is a safe life but it is not. It is only lesser. No one achieves significance by staying inside their comfort zone, downsizing their dreams, capitulating to lesser goals, avoiding tough conversations orContinue reading “The Path of Least Resistance (is the wrong path)”

What Kind of Christian am I?

So much is said about Christians and so much is said by Christians these days.  I often read something tweeted or posted by a “Christian” and I think, “I am not that kind of Christian.”  So the other night I spent some time musing the kind of Christian I actually am. Here is what IContinue reading “What Kind of Christian am I?”

Praying for Jerry Koosman (from Re:member)

Doing some reflecting on growing up tonight. Here is a story from Re:member: Praying for Jerry Koosman (San Antonio, Texas circa 1973) I was just ten or so when we lived in San Antonio but I have few good memories of our time there. To be honest, (thanks to good, old fashioned repression) I haveContinue reading “Praying for Jerry Koosman (from Re:member)”

Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book

Shane L. Bishop’s collection of stories, “Exactly As I Remember It” and the new book “Re:member”, are now both available on line in time for Christmas!  If you live in the St. Louis region, he will be signing both books on Saturday at the Grand Re-Opening of the the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 FrankContinue reading “Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book”

Shane L. Bishop’s New Book is Now Available!

Copies of Rev. Shane L. Bishops new book “Re:member” are now available for order on line!    Copies of his 2012 book “Exactly As I Remember It” are also available.  Copies are $12.99 (which includes shipping).  All books will be signed, but if you would like the book signed to someone, just let us knowContinue reading “Shane L. Bishop’s New Book is Now Available!”

Book Release on Sunday

“Exactly as I Remember it” is formally released tomorrow.  This whole process has been a lot of fun.  I was able to write the kind of book I wanted to write.  In a world that tears people apart, the opportunity to offer some stories, slices of life and modern proverbs to help put people backContinue reading “Book Release on Sunday”